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Argentum is rare, secure, and unique. We believe in scalable, decentralized, censorship-resistant, immutable blockchains. Period


Argentum was created in June 2013: Argentum is designed to be a rare commodity that is not only easily and quickly transferable, but gains value over time. The innovation doesn't end there, Argentum is the first crypto-currency to increase transaction processing capabilities over those of Bitcoin. We wanted to create the first cryptographic currency with almost unlimited scalability; Argentum features 10MB max block size, and 100,000 signature operations per block. Even more exciting, our latest update enables Scrypt and SHA256D mining with AUXPOW support!


We want Argentum to be a long-term stable investment. We will strive to provide an alternative for people who would like diversification into less risky crypto-currency.


Blocks are discovered every 45 seconds on average, and fully confirmed every 4.5 minutes (6 confirmations.) 64 Million Argentums will be mined; once this limit is reached, it is increased by 1.1% annually, the average rate of human population growth.


Here is a short list of *some* of our goals.



What can I do?

Please help us spread the word about this project in the crypto community!


We need more developers, website designers, people who can write for Argentum. Please let us know what are your skills and how you would like to contribute.

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    Please contact your favorite pools for Argentum addition, or feel free to start your own pool!

    We have a few mining pools supporting Argentum: